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Urban Landscapes: Michael Tischler

September - December 2015

Urban Landscapes: Michael Tischler

 Soho Gallery West Broadway NYC

In the fall of 2015 Michael Tischler's photographic series "Urban Landscapes" was shown at the Soho Gallery on West Broadway in NYC.

Urban Landscapes was created with two concepts in mind. The first concept was photographing New York as though one were looking through a window from a great height, giving the viewer an aerial perspective of the city.

The second part of the concept was to print all of the pieces on archival aluminum, a sub-strait not

widely used among fine art photographers. 

Tischler felt the clarity and intense color palette of these images would be greatly enriched by the surface quality of the metal. 

The show enjoyed much public and critical success.

Howard Halle, Editor-at-Large and Chief Art Critic for Time Out New York wrote;

"While Paris may be know as the City of Light, Michael Tischlers' sparkling photographs imbue scenes of New York with a spectacular luminosity- even in daylight - which would put Paris to shame"

                                          -Howard Halle, Time Out NY September 2015

All images custom printed on archival aluminum.

All images are signed and numbered.

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