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Mix It Up: Carol Weinberg

Dec 9 - Feb 5, 2018

Mix It Up: Carol Weinberg

WFG Gallery

Woodstock, NY

Dec 9 -Feb 5, 2018

Opening Reception Dec 9


Barbara Laurie PARTNERS is pleased to announce an exhibition of Photo-Collage by Carol Weinberg at the prestigious WFG Gallery in Woodstock NY.

Carol Weinberg's work explores the undercurrents of our most basic emotions; desire, tension, expectation, love, loss and control.


The collages are made from Weinberg's original photographic prints, roughly torn and assembled into abstract compositions on large painted canvases. Sometimes constructed and reconstructed several times, the piece eventually takes on a "life of it's own".

Fluid bodies, giant flowers, iconic New York City locations and signage, recognizable and unrecognizable forms play off of one another along with surprising bursts of saturated color to complete the visual narrative.

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