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Steve Snider

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Wabi-sabi is the quintessential Japanese aesthetic that values the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. This echoes Steve Snider's response to the torn and tattered billboards which seem indigenous to cities around the globe.

Snider began photographing aged and weathered walls many years ago, mostly while traveling —shooting with a traditional hand held camera. But closer to home even though there were endless walls he wanted to photograph lugging around the heavy, cumbersome equipment was not so appealing.

Then something miraculous happened: the iPhone. Suddenly this device he could carry in his pocket allowed him the freedom to be spontaneous: "I could stop anywhere, get as many shots as I wanted and see them instantly"!

Then a second thing happened. Instagram. He was hooked.

He began posting images, one a day, @stevesnidernyc aptly calling them #todayswall. He found himself taking every opportunity to leave the confines of the office to explore the city looking for subject matter.


A passion that had always been there surfaced within him and he soon realized that he wanted to devote himself to it full time. In 2014 he did just that. After a celebrated life career in publishing as a creative director, his new vocation was born — seeking out and photographing walls. "As a designer I have always viewed the world in terms of graphic compositions. My mind frames what I see — shapes, colors, patterns, textures, content, and how they juxtapose, so finding the pleasing compositions within the chaos is a natural outgrowth of my inner sensibility. I also feel that I am photographing a record of our times, capturing this particular transitory beauty even as it vanishes forever".

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