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Renaud Granel: Photography

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French American artist, Renaud Granel has been manipulating a camera since the age of eight. Surrounded all his life by artists of all disciplines (painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, composers...), he has developed a keen and critical eye for absorbing and analyzing his surroundings as well as creating forms and images. Renaud has sharpened his sense of aesthetics while traveling around the globe, observing and immersing himself in the rich cultures and colors the world has to offer, all the beauty provided by nature as well as by human creativity.

"Just open your eyes! There is beauty everywhere to those with an open heart and mind! And never forget to smile; your shadow is probably taking a picture of you and... your soul!”

Renauds' photographs are available in a variety of custom sizes to suit your needs and space requirements.

All are printed on archival photographic substrates.


Barbara Laurie

Instargram @barbaralauriepartners

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