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Andaz Mayakoba Salon: Charles Hart-Benton

April 30- May 31, 2017

Stella and Barbala: Charles Hart-Benton

Andaz Salon 

Mayakoba Resort, Playa del Carmen

April 30, May 31, 2017

Artist Charles Hart-Benton was the first artist invited to exhibit a solo show at the opening of the  cultural space, Andaz Salon at the Mayakoba Hotel in Playa del Carmen.

Hart-Benton chose to debut his latest pieces, "Stella and Barbala", created after a life altering stop in Sedona, Arizona during a road trip from New York to California.

Seduced by the spiritual mystique of Sedona, the Pueblo and Hopi cultures and the irresistible color palette of the American South West, Hart-Benton created this series of Stella and Barbala dressed in Mexican and Native American inspired wraps and dresses and accessorized with "worry dolls" and mudhead Kachinas.

Artists Web Page

Instagram - Stellapicks

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