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Carol Weinberg: Photo Collage

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Carol Weinberg was born and raised in New York City. Her artistic career as a photographer, painter and collage artist has been shaped in large part by her total immersion in the city's always exciting and stimulating pop culture.

Her days as a young art student at the prestigious High School of Art and Design, and later at Parsons School of Design found Weinberg experimenting with her camera in and out of the dark room. Always with her finger on the pulse, she began taking her camera everywhere. Her contemporaries were fashion designers, musicians, painters, sculptors, film makers and of course other photographers. All were wildly talented young kids living in New York and Weinberg was documenting it all 


Photography became Weinberg's artistic outlet culminating in a successful commercial career as a Fashion, Music and Celebrity photographer. 

But, she never lost her passion for shooting "the street" When her assignments took her around the world she would always find time to shoot locals in the market streets of Beijing, nightlife in Tel Aviv or Carnival in Rio des Janiero.

As a result she has built a vast archive of original images which she now draws from to create her most recent artworks.

This series of Photo-Collage and Paint on Canvas explore our basic emotions: desire, tension, expectation, love, loss,

and control.

Weinberg creates each piece by choosing original photographic prints from her archive, roughly tearing them and assembling them into abstract compositions and pasting them onto large painted canvases. The process of construction and reconstruction often goes through several phases before the dreamlike quality essential to each piece reveals itself and begins to tell it's story.

Each piece is designed to invoke intimate engagement with the viewer and to provoke the question,

“Where do I see myself in this story”

Carol Weinberg lives and works in NYC

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